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by honey COMA

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Derek Neuland
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Derek Neuland I can't pick a favorite song but this is the best song to close this collection of songs. Favorite track: Talk Without Touching.
Love's Body Double
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Love's Body Double raw and unfiltered (but in a refreshingly casual way) emo alt-rock. their knack for "sticky" songwriting will probably lead them into more determined territory, but this debut—free from post-production gimmickry and any notion of filler— certainly has its own merits. "passed out" reminds me of Nada Surf at their strongest, while "the argument" is somewhat cliched, which makes its psychic power all the more impressive. highly recommended. Favorite track: The Argument.
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Debut Release from Buffalo slowcore sad rockers.


released November 8, 2016

All Songs Written and Performed by honey COMA: Norelle Christiani, Tom Burtless, and Bryan Johnson.
All Songs Recorded by Elliott Douglas and Bryan Kutnyak at Old Bear Studio in Batavia, NY
Mixed By Elliott Douglas
Mastered by Paul Besch at Quiet Country Audio
Artwork by Roshen Carman Instagram @roshendraws



all rights reserved


honey COMA Buffalo, New York

We hope each of you relates to a part of the record.

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Track Name: Self Hate
Manageable amount of self hate
Friends around you they can not relate
Do they love you? No they don't.
Will they help you? No they won't.

Measure out the amount you can take
Tourniquet, turn it off, close the vein.
Does it heal you? No it don't.
Will it help you? No it won't

Tired of sleeping on the sofa.
Afraid to brave the bed alone.
Wish that you were coming over.
To feel your skin next to my own.

Making out with the girl that you hate.
Disappoint with your lack of restraint.
Does it feel good? No it don't.
Will it help you? No it won't.

I can't help feeling I'm looked over
Desperate for our eyes to meet.
And now I'm getting your cold shoulder.
I'm tangled up with no release.
Track Name: Perception
Look at me.
It's hard to believe that I was once a child
My mind was innocence and naivete
I never use to think about
my mortality
the years use to seem longer to me.
Longer to me.

This version of me
Broke the barriers of my religious belief.
And God's not what he is
Expected to be.
A cultural construct
No Higher deity
A fiction crutch to my true.
Humanity, Humanity.

Perception of you, Perception of me
I'm different to you, you're different to me.
Track Name: Perfect Girl
You're use to
A man who doesn't listen
when you're talking
So you're walking out.

The News crew
Reports are spreading fast
To all those single dudes.
And they're after you.

There she goes
what's my problem
the perfect girl within my reach.

We use to
Argue over nothing every afternoon.
at three forty two.
Reduced you
to crying in the super market bathroom
over shampoo.

There she goes
what's my problem
the perfect girl within my reach.
There you go
I'm not your problem.
you left me in my own defeat.
Track Name: Passed Out
After Party
At your best friend's house
I see you lying there ...passed out.

Skin exposure
People passing by
They'll never notice you.... passed out.

Sleeping Beauty on the couch.
Had too much to drink just now.
See the boys across the room
Making their way to make a fool outta you.

What can you do?
Out of your control
They'll take you in their hands... passed out.
What can I do?
Distract'em or divide the crew.
Keeping you safe in the meantime.

Sleeping Beauty on the couch
Had too much to drink just now.
See the boys across the room
Making their way to make a fool outta you.
So I got up and took a swing.
I miss my mark and then I end up stumbling.
Onto you so now you think.
That I'm some creep trying to take your decency.
Track Name: Can I Say
Can I Say?
I heard you
I know you
I think of you

Can I Say?
Love you
without you
regret it.

Can I Say?

Can I Say?
How wonderful?
A Joy
That's truly honest.

Can I Say?

Can I Say?
You're beautiful
Without you
Regretting it.

Can I Say?
One word
Too much
Not Enough

Can I Say?
I'm Sorry
To you
Track Name: The Argument
You said we'll pull off
At the next rest stop
I need to clean up.
Have you been crying?

Well yeah of course I have.

I did mean that....You make me so mad.
I don't give a fuck.
I'd never hit you.......You'd never have to.

Why'd I bring it up?

We argue all the time.
(we argue, we argue)
We argue all the time.
(We argue all the time)

Hey pay attention you never listen.
You never shut up.
I'm so unhappy
Yeah!? What about me...says that I'm happy to you?

You never touch me do you even love me?
Well I don't think that I do.
How could you say that? You can't take that back.
Well maybe I don't want to.

You know.

We argue all the time
(I hate you, I could kill you)
We argue all the time.
(I never cared about you)
We argue all the time.
We argue all the time.
We argue all the time.
All the fucking time.
Track Name: Talk Without Touching
To talk without touching
We'll turn into.......friends again.
We're not really friends again.
It feels like the oxygen.
You breathe it in and let it all go.

To walk without holding
our hands interlocked
Strung to our sides.
Put on a disguise to show all our friends that we can play nice.

To sleep without knowing
Who's taken my place in your bed.
Who's kissin' you soft on your forehead
who wakes you up when.
who wakes you up when
When he goes to work.

Why did I ever think...... that we could be friends again?
Why did I ever think...... that we could be friends again?
Why did I ever think ..... that we could be friends again?
We're not really friends again.